Sunday, January 15, 2012

Re-Purposed Style

My sister has an amazing eye for finding treasures among the junk at thrift and antique stores. Not only does she manage to make everything she touches look adorable, her focus on decorating with vintage items is better for the planet and the pocket book.

Here are a few of her best finds:

This is a dress form on a vintage plant stand. My sister just wrapped it in some cool fabric.

Repurposed style is all about going with the flow: you can't PLAN to find a vintage bird cage this cute. You just have to be ready to pounce when you see it.

I just love this unique religious statue. My sister keeps it in her doorway. It perfectly matches the coloring of the rental house where she is now living.

It's easy to see something like this and think: gee, that's sort of cool, but it's also weird.

You have to have an eye for the possibilities and a sense of whimsy.

These antique skates are part of my sister's holiday decor.

Aren't they handsome?

I wish I had a better picture of this one.

The painting at the bottom is vintage. My sister's had it for years and it just looks cool.

The one on top is a painting that my sister did of her beagle. I love the way the folk art style of the vintage painting matches the simple artwork my sister did. It just proves you don't have to be an artist to make art.

Coming up: I'm going to feature some of my sister's crafty decor that showcases recycled and repurposed items.

Do you have favorite vintage or thrifted pieces in your home?

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