Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Re-purposed Style Part 2: DIY

The other day I featured some of the cool vintage and thrifted decor my sister has around her house.

Today I wanted to show off some of the items that she has DIYed or altered. She saves money and saves the planet by creating her own decorations from items that she has re-purposed.

The top picture is just a framed postcard with a mat made out of craft paper.

My sister created these decorative plates herself. You could use plates from a thrift store or dollar store.

She simply made color photocopies (using her printer) of images from an old children's book that we had, The Caretakers of Wonder. That way, she didn't have to destroy our heirloom.

She then cut out and decoupaged the images on the plates. The alphabet letters spell out ...


This one is a favorite of mine; I actually created the artwork years ago. I've been trying to get it back from my sister for a long time, but somehow she manages to keep hold of it.

I freehanded the outline of the tree onto a sheet of paper - it's been a long time but I think I copied an image from a catalogue. Then I looked through magazines to find images that had brown or green; I snipped tiny pieces from them. I glued the pieces onto the outline like a mosaic.

My sister used craft paper for a mat. Having a nice supply of craft paper around always makes DIY easier.

I wish that I had my sister's taste and crafty skills!