Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Treasures Transformed from Trash

Today I went to the doctor and received a new splint, which allows me to move my fingers a bit more than the old one did. Now I can type ... sorta. I don't know when I'll get to be completely free, but at least I can blog. I've been anxious to get back to business, because I wanted to share news of my friend Emilie's new Etsy store: Handmade Hila: Refashion At Its Best

Emilie named her store after her gorgeous little girl Hila. All of the items at Handmade Hila are upcycled - which is the practice of transforming used materials into new items -- art, fashion, toys, etc. I wasn't familiar with upcycling until recently, but green crafters are taking to the practice in droves.

Emilie takes clothes, fabric scraps, and other bric-a-brac and turns them into beautiful clothing and housewares. Here's an example:

(Photo courtesy of Handmade Hila)

This is the Jaime Strappy Sundress, a toddler dress which was once a ladies' blouse. The bird embellishment is tres chic.

And I was super-psyched (and honored) to see these:

(Photo courtesy of Handmade Hila)

These are Catlin Coasters -- named after ... guess who!

Not only are the items at Handmade Hila beautiful and reasonably-priced, but Emilie describes them in a wonderful way. Her store is worth visiting not only to get the goods, but to read her refreshing prose stylings. It's great when green, craft, and commerce come together.

Another high school friend who has been on the upcycling bandwagon for awhile now is Heather, whose store is called Evesapples. Heather upcycles vintage fabrics that she finds while being a citizen of the world, and creates fashionable handbags that any stylish lady would want to have over her arm. Check it out:

(Photo courtesy of Evesapples)

It's amazing the creativity of these lasses, but best of all, they're producing goods that are hand-crafted and good for the planet. And while these two are my friends, the interwebs are blooming with green options when you get the urge to spend a little green.

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Glad your back! And I love your new background!