Thursday, July 2, 2009

sustaining ... injury

i'm dropping a note to all 10 of the loyal light greenies to say that posting may be a little thin over the next week or two, due to the fact that my hand looks like this -

typing is a bit difficult. also, my cooking, crafting, green-cleaning self will be a quite subdued. luckily, friends provided me with supper, so i don't have to revert to eating uber-processed foods, such as takeout or frozen dinners.

the doctor said that my hand is not broken, thankfully, so i will be able to swim and shower. yaay!

and as the health care debate rages, i am thankful to have insurance, and to live in a city with unrivaled health options, and believe all americans should have access to equal care. this 4th of july, i hope we remember that our flesh and bones are miraculous, and that everyone has the right to have that miracle cared for.

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