Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

The other day on NPR, I heard this story about "slow money." It centered around an organic dairy farmer who is getting his customers to invest in his farm so he can upgrade, since it's so difficult to get credit these days. This is an example, apparently, of the slow money movement, which aims for more investment in local, sustainable businesses and in corporations that are responsible in protecting the planet and people.

In that spirit, I'm going to pass on the tasty result of some of local Houston-area agriculture.

A friend brought over this CheesyGirl, Femme Fatale herb and goat cheese spread. Yum! Buying local is good for my belly.

Also in the spirit of slowing down, I spent some time yesterday exploring Hermann Park. I'd been running around like a crazy person all weekend, and it was a beautiful day, sunny and a bit cool. I've driven by Hermann Park every day on the way to work, and never spent any time there. Roses, Japanese gardens, reflecting pools -- who knew there was such a peaceful spot in the middle of Houston?


Tori said...'re making me all nostalgic! I lived for two years in easy walking distance from Hermann Park and used to love to go and walk around the golf course and through the park. It truly is a lovely spot, isn't it?

Catfish said...

Yes -- and now Discovery Green is stealing all its thunder. It is WAY better than Discovery Green!