Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No-Buy Challenge! Are you up for it?

OK, kids. It's time to get psyched! I am issuing a challenge, Light Greenies! (That's what my ten -- it used to be only five! - loyal readers have just been dubbed).

Turtles are slow -- just like slow money.

In the spirit of slow money, your challenge is this: participate in April's No-Buy Month. This year, I resolved to practice the "No-Buy Month" every third month (Click here to find out more). January was my first No-Buy Month of the year, and I challenged myself to buy nothing non-consumable for an entire month.

In April, I want to go a bit further. Nothing non-consumable, and no entertainment dollars - no movie tickets, no restaurants (except when I travel for work, but WORK is paying for that), no bars, no roller coasters. Of course, all bills will be paid on-time - or nearly.

This is going to demand a lot of me, and I hope my friends will climb on board the Slow Money, No-Buy Train with me. For this challenge, you're invited to participate in any way you see fit -- you make your own rules. Feel free to go by my original rules: Nothing non-consumable for one month. Or if you want to really kick my butt, plan ahead and say you're not going to buy ANYTHING for a month.

Of course, the real reason I'm hoping my friends will join me is so I will have some folks to do FREE stuff with!

So here is the challenge:

In the comments section - here or in a subsequent No-Buy post -- assert your commitment to the challenge. Keep me posted of your progress by commenting throughout April.

One lucky participant will be chosen at random to receive a PRIZE - because I love prizes. The prize, naturally, will be some green goodies.

More info to follow... and yes, moms and dads, diapers DO count as consumables.


Tori said...

Hmmm...I'm going to have to give this some thought since April is my finals month. I think I can go with the no "non-consumables" rule for April though. It certainly would be better for my budget.

Melanie said...

I'm going to do it (though you know I'll need some major support) - one caveat: if I find THE house, I will buy it...though technically, I'll be "buying" it for 30 years. Definitely counts as slow money.