Thursday, January 8, 2009

Product Review

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap - Lavender Scent

Basic Cleaning Power: **** (out of 5)

Deep Cleaning Power:**

Scent and Appearance:*****

Recyclable Packaging?: Yes, Code 2

I found it at: Spec's

Other stuff: Packaging states that it is biodegradable and cruelty-free

See below for the scoop.

I bought this because I was at Spec's, which is a gourmet-food-wine & liquor utopia, when I realized that I was out of dish soap. Spec's doesn't carry a lot of household goods, but they did have this dish soap. So ... what's the verdict?

First of all, the lavender scent is amazing -- like running through a field of lavender in a white dress, seen through a soft-focus lens, hair blowing in the wind. I don't like sweet smells, being dorkily scent-sensitive and migraine-prone, but this has the astringent tang of actual lavender.

However, we don't buy dish soap to sniff (at least, I don't). We buy it to wash dishes. I have no dishwasher and only a single sink, and so use a dish tub to do the washing up. I found that Meyer's Clean Day was pretty good with the basic clean up. I soaked my silverware in it, and washed up the plates and cups. All clean and happy. There were a couple of plates that had been dusted with flour during a bread-baking episode, and they felt a bit gritty when I put them away.

For deep cleaning, I found Meyer's Clean Day didn't cut the mustard. Or the grease, as the case may be. Cookie sheets that had been sprayed with cooking spray felt sticky, even after a second wash with maximum elbow grease.

Would I buy it again? Despite its limitations, I have to admit, I might. That lavender scent is just so addicting ...

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