Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Green Clean - This is my Story

I'd like to say that my journey into the world of green cleaning products began because I'm so darn environmentally-conscious, but that would be, you know, a lie.

The truth is, I love bleach.

I like the way it burns all of your nostril hairs when you breathe it in. I like the way it clings to your skin and seeps out of your pores when you've been swimming all day. I like how scary it is. Those who know me, know that I secretly hope that our modern exposure to chemicals and radiation will lead us to develop super-powers.

So, it wasn't virtue that made me clean my sink with vinegar and baking soda last weekend.

It was this guy:

This is my cat, Wily.

When he was a kitten he fell into the toilet and got Vanish all over himself, requiring a 2:00 a.m. bath in the punch bowl. As he grew, he became more like a dog than a cat, chewing on everything he could. He is now particularly fond of licking the faucets and around the drains. These factoids led me to believe that I should start looking for cleaning products that wouldn't poison a small animal. It's become a bit of a project for me, trying out different combinations.

I can't say, however, that I'm always happy about it.

When using green cleaning products, one has to accept a different standard of clean. That sparkling, bleachy goodness is no longer to be found. I know it's better for Wily and for me (no super powers for me, damn it!) but it definitely takes a mental adjustment. I'll be updating the blog with product reviews in the future.

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