Thursday, December 19, 2013

24 Days to Christmas: Day 19

Day 19: Favorite Holiday Scent

As a Northwest girl, I've got to say that my favorite smell during the holidays is the smell of pine. (Side note: there's a song called "Christmas in the Northwest" which states that the titular holiday is a "... gift God wrapped in green." We're all about the trees at Christmas.) Pine also happens to be one of my favorite words. I'm not sure why, exactly -- I think partly because it reminds me of Christmas.

Since I don't have a cut tree for Christmas, I like to find pine-scented items to keep in my house. The most robust are the Mrs. Meyers "Iowa Pine" line, which is available only during the holidays. Sometimes it can be hard to find, so I stock up whenever I run across a stash. Both the hand soap and the soy candle are great for faking the scent of a Washington-state Christmas - it's basically like bringing a tree farm into your house.

And while we're talking about pines, why don't you listen to A Fine Frenzy sing "Pinesong" from  her album Pines. While not technically a holiday album, it reminds me of wintry woods (yes, it's a concept album about a sentient tree. Get over it.)

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