Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I mentioned this in my last post, but in case it didn't sink in: 

This bread is delicious.

It goes against all of my usual eating habits. I don't really eat bread. I don't like whole wheat bread. I stay away from things with many grains because I'm somewhat allergic to sunflower seeds and for SOME REASON multi-grain often means dotted with the slimy gray little monsters.

But Food for Life 7 Sprouted Grains Bread has made me a believer in multi-grain bread. It has a rough, hearty texture (it turns out that I don't dislike wheat bread - only the kind that tries to be soft and fluffy like white bread). And NO sunflower seeds, so after I eat it, I don't end up trying to scratch the inside of my ears -- yes, itchy ear drums are my warning of allergies.

You find this bread in your freezer section. I always imagine that's because if they don't freeze it, the sprouted grains will start growing and take over the store. That's probably not the reason. 

You can just take a piece out of the freezer and pop it straight into the toaster. No thawing required. And you will just FEEL healthy when you eat it. I'm not exactly sure how they make bread out of sprouted grains (no flour), but I understand this means that the grain retains all of its nutrients naturally. Most bread that you buy at the store has to be enriched with  nutrients because they are removed when the grains are processed. 

If all that wasn't enough reason to try this bread - the grains are all organic, so Mama Earth will thank you.

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