Saturday, February 11, 2012

Internet Round-up


I'm in the throes of either a burgeoning sinus infection or an allergy event, but whatever ... it's resulted in me spending most of Saturday on my couch. And couch means lots of internet time.

What has struck my fancy on the internet?

Like most folks, I get daily coupon and sales emails from a variety of sites. But the only one that I always open? My daily update from Fab is a sales site like MyHabit or Plum District, but it's the site for design-minded folk. Every day, I feel inspired by the creations that are presented on  However, I am REALLY good at not buying stuff. After all, consumption makes Mama Earth sad.

I've been needing some new reusable shopping bags, however, so I was super psyched to see that the makers of my favorite reusable bags, Envirosax,  was having a sale. I bought two bags from the Nomad collection.  I can't wait for that gorgeous bag to arrive!

Envirosax bags are awesome! They roll up into a cylinder that fits in your purse, and they are durable and washable. The bags hold up to 40 pounds. I have several, and I absolutely love them. Plus, they have tons of great prints.

I'm loving the blog Back to Her Roots. It's full of the things I love: recipes for clean eating, generosity of spirit, and a concern with health and happiness.

Great Job!
If you're a busy person, the AVClub feature Great Job, Internet! is your one-stop shop for all that's awesome and weird on the internet. If you don't have time to troll YouTube or Facebook for things that are funny, you can just leave that to people who get paid (I hope!) to do that for you.

My recent favorite? This mash-up of Lana del Rey's "Video Games" and the Hunger Games:

Little Talks
One thing I love about the internet era is that music videos have made a comeback (since MTV doesn't show them any more). This video for the song "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men, is just beautiful and basically contains most of my aesthetic loves: owls, monsters, fairy tales, and steampunk-circus imagery. I recommend watching it in full screen for maximum awesome.

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