Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Bag: Eco-Gift Idea #3... For the Literati

This week, I've been sharing some ideas for how to take one super-cute Whole Foods reusable grocery bag, and fill it with goodies that are ecologically-responsible, readily-available at common stores or websites, and reasonably-priced.

Today: gifts for those literary types in your life.

Stationery and office supplies have always been one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to impulse purchases. I've really been trying to curb this until I use up what I already own. So, buying fun tools for writers and readers is one way for me to satisfy that craving for the perfect notebook.

Greenroom Recycled Notebooks
Available at Target
A great notebook is a must for any aspiring writer. Greenroom produces a variety of eco-friendly notepads in cute designs, in a variety of sizes.

Refillable Fountain Pen
Available at most office supply stores
$5.00  to exorbitantly expensive
Writing with a fountain pen just makes you feel cooler. Plus, they aren't disposable, like other pens .

Eco-Tools Pencil Case
Available from 
Give this, and your grateful friends will never have to search for their fountain pens again! Plus ... cute!

Off-set your reading habits by planting trees!
Available at the eco-libris website
$5.00 balances 5 books by planting 5 trees - plus you get stickers for your books to show your eco-pride!
Eco-libris offsets the trees we destroy to create books by planting trees. And trees are awesome.

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