Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Learn Go Do - March Reflection

Is March gone already? I am not exactly sure where those 31 days went.

At the beginning of the year I created a list of goals for 2011, which you can read by clicking here. Here's how I'm doing on them so far.

  • Learn to knit lace. I'm still working on the same &^*#@$ lace sweater that I wrote about at the end of February. Each time I think I've got the lace figured out, I ruin it. At the risk of jinxing myself, I think I might have it this time.
  • Improve my Spanish. I did! I went to Spain and said things in Spanish - like, la cuenta por favor (the check, please); or un cafe con leche. All kidding aside, being in Madrid, even for a few days, made me more confident to at least try to say things aloud. Luckily I was with my friend Katie, who could help me out a lot.

Did I mention I went to Spain?

There it is again. Spain. This is the Sagrada Familia.

I also have a goal of trying one new restaurant a month in my home city. My friends Keith and Kelly invited me to breakfast at The Country Kitchen for breakfast. This is exactly the sort of place you should go for breakfast -- the floor's a little sticky and it's kind of in an industrial neighborhood. The coffee was great diner coffee and they kept it hot and refilled. I would totally recommend it as long as you're not overly-obsessed with cleanliness.

Exercising more has been my main focus from the "do" part of my list. For most of March, I was pretty good. On my trip, we probably walked 3-5 miles per day (although I gained weight because Europe = cheese. But it was worth it.) I've started doing yoga again, which I'm really enjoying. Yoga is something I grew up with; it's been fairly constant throughout my life, but I would say the last three years I haven't been up on my practice. I'm also walking fairly regularly. In April, I want to try to keep track of my exercising a bit more, in some way that doesn't make me actually hate exercising.

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