Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green Eyes

When I was a teacher and taught the poetry unit, we helped the kids learn to see with poets' eyes. To see with poets' eyes meant that:

  • if you looked at a spiral seashell, you might see a princess's tower
  • if you looked at a ladybug, you might see her entire life cycle
  • if you looked at a swordfish, you might see a gallant knight
  • if you looked at a flower laden with dew, you might see a tear
Similarly, if you see with green eyes, you might see how trash can be renewed with a little ingenuity.

Because I am klutzy, I recently dropped and broke one of my favorite Ironic Deer Family Salt 'n' Pepa Shakers:

Weep for Bambi's Mom!

However, looking at the piece of junk with green eyes, I saw the possibilities!

While I would never want a real hunting trophy on my wall, a ceramic trophy is just my style:

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