Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Amazing World We Live In

This is a picture of my phone.

(Isn't it cute? It's purple.)

What you can't see too well, is that my boarding pass for a flight to Phoenix is displayed on my phone's screen.

Greenies, this is the paperless revolution.

You no longer have to print your ticket or boarding pass (in some airports... for some airlines). You can simply download a barcode to your phone and wave it at the fancy machine at the TSA podium.

It's a really, really cool age we live in. Who needs a printed map anymore? -- we can send our driving directions to our phones. We can do our taxes online, and my doctor types my words into a computer, verbatim, saving paper and making my medical records more accurate.

I still love paper (I've got a little bit of a notebook fetish). But let's face it -- in the future, no one will need to hear the screams of the trees ...

(Um, in case you think I'm some weirdo -- I don't actually think the trees scream. It's metaphorical. Metaphorical screaming. It sounds like this:


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