Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweet Dreams are Made of ...

... my new organic cotton sheets.

It was time to retire the old ones, but I'd been resisting for awhile because they were pretty, purple with a chrysanthemum pattern. When it could not be denied any longer, I hit Target, hoping they would have something environmentally-friendly and affordable.

Finding goods made from friendlier fabrics has proved to be more challenging than converting to greener cleaning products or foods. Not only are they harder to find, they often cost more than I can afford. However, these sheets were around thirty dollars. There was not a huge selection of colors, but they had neutrals and pale colors that should fit with most decorating schemes.

Best of all, these sheets are delightfully soft - and for someone who likes to sleep as much as I do, that's a must-have.

There were also a selection of bamboo fiber sheets, but before switching to bamboo, check out Eco-Yogini's post on why bamboo isn't as green as you think it is.

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