Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Green Heart, Black Thumb

I know that the best food for the environment is the food you grow yourself. But I don't do that.

I do not like to garden.

I do not like the sun.

I do not like the dirt.

My single, un-cactusy potted plant, named Sigmund, has been revived from the brink of death multiple times.

Yet, life finds a way. Yesterday as I walked past the vegetable garden that previous tenants abandoned in the back patio, a hint of red caught my eye. When I went to investigate, I found it was a tiny, perfect red pepper. I picked it, and this morning chopped it up to become part of an omelette with organic spinach and hormone/antibiotic-free cheese. Delicious!

Note: Apartment Cleaning Smackdown will return ... I simply realized that before I cleaned the living room, some major organizing needed to take place. Ah, life transitions! So much ... fun?

1 comment:

Melanie said...

What are you organizing this time? You are a maniac!