Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Buy Month Challenge! Day 2

Yay! I've had more than 500 hits on my blog, and more folk have joined the No-Buy Month Challenge -- now two are attempting No-Buy Month with me. That's about 20% of my loyal readership -- you do the math.

I was a bit tempted to falter and make a quick, 1-click Amazon purchase when I learned that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is out. I'm a member of the target audience for a product like this -- people who love period pieces but wish there was a little more gore in Jane Austen. I reminded myself, however, that I have PBS's Little Dorrit to fulfill my quota of corsets, and David Grann's Lost City of Z to fulfill my quota of gore.

Little Dorrit is the Masterpiece Classic (now with more Laura Linney!) version of Dickens's classic tale -- if by classic you mean "the Dickens novel nobody reads." It's about debt, getting out of debt, and how people maintain their dignity -- or don't -- in times of economic crisis. Basically it's your most recent issue of the New York Times. With corsets. That's the thing about Dickens. Just when you think it's safe to throw him into the rubbish bin of "out," he saunters down the red carpet of "in." Check out installment 2 on Sunday. Check your local listings (I can't believe I just said that.)

Charles Dickens. Favorite of your English teacher. But don't hold that against him.

The Lost City of Z is a non-fiction book about the search for a mythical city in the Amazon. I'm learning a lot from it. Mostly, I'm learning that I never want to go to the Amazon. My favorite part was the description of "kissing bugs," which bite your lips, depositing a protozoa which kills you twenty years later. Gross!

All in all, I have plenty to entertain me without spending another dime.

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