Saturday, March 7, 2009

Re-use: Gift Wrap

Amongst my group of friends, March Madness isn't about basketball, it's about birthdays. Currently, my Facebook page is alerting me to FIVE birthdays this weekend, and last weekend had FIVE as well. Three friends have their birthdays on St. Patrick's Day.

My friend Eva commented that along with all this celebrating comes a lot of waste. Trees go to their deaths just to provide wrapping that will be ripped right off. Poor trees ... can't you hear them scream?

Luckily, the gift bag revolution has resulted in more people re-using gift wrap. My friend Melanie gave me this lovely birthday gift the other day (yes, I'm one of the Pisceans killing all the trees):
The photo doesn't really do justice to the wrapping. Both the bag and the ribbon had been previously loved, and both will be loved again when I reuse them -- though the ribbon will probably become part of a craft rather than a gift.

Inside the lovely outside, I found an even lovelier inside ...

Cloth napkins! They were exactly what I asked for!
I requested the napkins as part of my attempt to use fewer paper towels. Because I am so classy, I usually used paper towels as napkins -- if guests were over I folded them the paper towels in half for instant sophistication. Since the dawn of the newer, greener 2009, I've been using dish towels as napkins -- also classy.
I thought it was about time that I became an adult, however, so I asked for some REAL napkins. Voila! Melanie made my dreams come true. Not only are they more environmentally-friendly, but they go with my cheery red-and-turquoise kitchen.
Tomorrow: more ideas about DIY gift wrap and cards, in case any of you are experiencing the birthday glut that I am.

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