Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mistakes Were Made

Apparently, the Pope today admitted he'd made mistakes. That's pretty bold of a guy who's supposed to be infallible.

Well, I've never claimed to be infallible, though I am good at trivia. And I'm certainly big enough to admit when I've made a mistake. Well, here it is:

As of Wednesday, I hadn't changed my A/C intake filter in many moons. In fact, I would estimate at least 6 moons.

Now, that might seem like a little mistake, but just look at the results:

Eww! Gross! The one on the left is the old air filter. Compare it to the sparkly whiteness of a new air filter on the left.
Dirty filters like the one on the left result in A/Cs running less efficiently, thus wasting energy. Boo! Wasting energy = bad for planet, bad for wallet, etc., etc. Dirty filters also mean more allergens and dust bunnies in the house.

I did a little web research and found that most professionals suggest the filter be checked every month (when you pay your energy bill - although my skyrocketing energy costs didn't seem to remind me). If the filter's clean - still vaguely white and a bit translucent - no problem. It can stay. If it's dirty - see above - then it must be changed. This is a simple procedure that even a Southern belle could accomplish.

I've resolved not to make this mistake in the future. Let's see if I can remember to check the filter in one month. All five of my readers -- I'm counting on you to help me remember.


Smith Family said...

I got your back Catfish! I just changed my filter yesterday so when I check it next month I will remind you...I usually try to change it every month.

Catfish said...

You are awesome!