Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Control of My Time...

I've declared 2013 the year of health and wellness, and to begin, January is the month to get control of my time.

I'm trying to take small steps forward so that I can create sustainable change in my life.

I've started to think about what holds me back from feeling in control of my time. This summer, I got a promotion and switched teams in my company. My new job is very intense. There's a lot to do, and I work with a ton of people that I love. That means that there's a definite temptation to stay at work late, hanging out with all of the fun people who also have a lot to do.

The downside of this is that staying late means that I don't have time for the things that sustain my mental health: writing, exercising, and cooking.

My first step in getting control of my time, then, is to plan target hours for being at the office. I've been looking at all the things that I must accomplish at work, approximating how long they should take, and then planning when I want to be at work.

So far, it's been successful -- I've been able to find some time to blog (of course!), and I've done at least some exercise every day this week (I'm super out of shape, so I'm trying to start slow so that I don't hurt myself). Because of this, I'm already feeling more energized and mentally healthy.

Of course, doing something for a week and a half is not too hard. Sustainability is essential. That's why I'm trying to create one change at a time.

How are things going with your New Year's changes?

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