Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time On My Side

My pants were falling off today.

I noticed yesterday that I was able to tighten my belt more than I have been for awhile. So I weighed myself, and I'd lost four pounds. Hence, the pants falling off.

This was pretty interesting, because even though I declared 2013 to be the year of health and wellness, January is not about eating better or exercising more. My first move in 2013 is to get control of my time. I established target hours for being in the office, cut back evening work to one night a week, and have been attempting (mostly unsuccessfully) to wake up earlier. 

Getting control of my time, however, means that I've had time to go for walks and to cook healthy food. When I feel out of control of my time, I watch too much TV, eat late at night, and eat too much take-away. I'm also less green - I throw things away instead of recycling, and I don't eat the organic and unprocessed foods I prefer.

So it looks like this step has been a step in the direction of health. What about wellness?

I'm definitely feeling more "well" - more happy and content. I'm sleeping better and have more energy when I'm awake. 

Getting control of my time, however, has meant, making hard choices about where I actually spend my time. My work is very intense, so I sometimes feel guilty walking out the door when others are still at the office.

The truth is, however, that if I want to do this work for the long term (my work is in ed reform), then I have to make sure that I have a very satisfying, well-rounded life. 

My next step is to commit to spending time each weekend planning for the week ahead: menus, shopping lists, target work hours, and priorities for the week.

How is 2013 starting out for you?

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