Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Interweb Round-up

Ah ... home.

There are productive things I need to do. I desperately need to clean my closets and unpack my suitcase and renew my vehicle registration. And there are productive things I want to do, like make a skirt and look at apartments for a spring trip to Barcelona and read this week's EdWeek. Instead, I spent a good part of today catching up with all of the TV shows on my DVR and spending some quality time on the internet. Sometimes, vegetating has to come first.

Here's some fun stuff I came across in internet land:

  • Ever wondered what your carbon footprint is? There are lots of fun online calculators to help you figure it out. I would love to say that mine is lower than average ... and it is, until I add in the number of flights I have to take for work. Then my footprint jumps up. Where's a transporter beam when you need one?
  • The Huffington Post Green section has great slideshows, and many of them don't preach at you, but just try to get you to marvel at the natural world. Check out their slideshow of "Adorable or Ugly" animals and see the craziness that evolution (and humans' ability to breed animals for certain qualities, such as hairlessness) produces.
  • Halloween is just around the corner. Want to make a statement about the environment? The New York Times featured a BP oil spill-themed costume last week. If you want to be really green, you could make your own from thrift store duds.
  • The oil spill has been making its mark on TV as well. On CBS's The Good Wife, our favorite ethically-compromised barristers drop a mention that they're defending BP. While on Community, a fundraiser to help the Gulf goes hilariously awry (Click here to watch the whole episode). This week's 30 Rock also featured shenanigans involving the NBC recycling bins. Green culture - taking over TV!
And finally ...

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