Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why Mama Earth Likes Fall

It's fall!

Autumn has always been my favorite season, but living in Texas, I come to the realization of fall's arrival a little later than some of you might. However, fall is really here, as evidenced by the fact that high temperatures are only in the 80's! Woohoo!

There are lots of green reasons why fall is Mama Earth's favorite season.

Let's just be perfectly honest. In Texas, in the summer, you don't walk anywhere. If you did, you would arrive such a sweaty mess that no one could get near you. Now that the temperatures have dropped, foot power is all you need to get around. Last night, I walked to Anvil Bar & Refuge to meet a friend for drinks, and was ecstatic to see that many Houston residents had the same idea as I did, leaving gas guzzlers at home to hit the streets.


Of course, apples are available year round. But out-of-season produce has probably been transported long distances, resulting in excessive energy use. To top that off, all that energy gets wasted to provide you with a mealy, disgusting apple that's been in the back of a semi for weeks. Now, we can enjoy in-season apples, particularly delicious varieties like Fuji and Honeycrisp that are only available this time of year.

During the summer, I don't use my oven because it heats up my small apartment and makes the A/C work twice as hard. I have a small toaster oven that I use from time to time. Now that fall is here, though, I can bring out the big guns, using my regular ol' oven to create healthy, unprocessed baked goods in my own kitchen, like the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins above. (Click here for the recipe).

Sweater Weather

Okay. So we only have about two days of sweater weather per year in Houston. But in the fall, when the sun isn't blazing, I can enjoy knitting big projects that would be torturous during the summer -- a lapful of wool in July is just no fun.

Fall TV

Hey, doesn't Mama Earth want to kick back and watch Fringe after a long day providing us with shelter?

What do you love about fall?

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Unknown said...

The smell. I don't know if it's the leaves, or what, but it smells good. I'll bet those muffins you're baking smell divine!