Monday, December 2, 2013

24 Days to Christmas: Day 2

Day 2: Favorite Holiday Movie

I have a confession to make:

I hate It's a Wonderful Life. I also dislike most other holiday movies, especially if anyone could describe them as "heart-warming." My heart is warm enough, thanks.

I don't enjoy most classic movies, because I can't get over the blatant misogyny and racism, so I have never seen most old holiday movies, like Miracle on 34th Street or White Christmas.

I've never seen Christmas Vacation.

I don't usually like my children's movies with a lot of spectacle, and I can't stand when producers take a simple, lovely holiday story like The Polar Express or How the Grinch Stole Christmas and stuff it full of claptrap (or multiple versions of Tom Hanks) in order to make it appeal to the "movie-going public."

Bah humbug to most holiday movies!

(And let's not get started on versions of A Christmas Carol, shall we?)

So, I have a somewhat limited stockpile to draw from. So, without further ado, I'll reveal my favorite:

Little Women
Photo: bannerip
Call foul if you want. Technically, it's not a "holiday" movie, but it does have extended Christmas sequences (look, there's even a tree in the background there!)

To me, this movie is just Christmas, through and through. It's about families coming
together, sharing what little they have, and accidently burning off each other's hair. If that doesn't say Christmas, then I don't know what does.

Children of Men is also NOT a holiday movie, but I consider it one of the best Christmas movies ever made. It's basically a retelling of the Nativity if the Nativity took place in a near-future where no one can have children). Clive Owen is the Joseph-figure who has to protect the miraculously-pregnant teenager in a world that's falling apart all around them.

There's one real holiday movie I love, and that's Elf. 'Cuz I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite.

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Shelley said...

I think we will need to discuss your "hate" for It's a Wonderful Life offline. I just want to understand!

Catfish said...

Shelley - I just think it's boring. It's so long. And I don't care about any of those people.