Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This is the year ...

... of health and wellness!
"The Farm"

Last year, I followed the lead of my bloggie (and happy to say, also real-life) friend Sara from Feeding the Soil and chose a theme for the year. The theme was "This is the year I find a home." I set a vision for what I wanted to be true for my new home, and on July 1st I moved to "The Farm," a rental on a half-acre (but still in the city!) with a porch, a garden, and lots of room to spread out.  I've also come to the terms with the fact that I don't really want to be someone who settles down in one place for all eternity. I always felt there was something wrong with me because I get queasy at the idea of living in one place "forever." But that's just the way that I am, and there's nothing wrong with that. I've been in Houston almost 10 years, but I don't feel the need to claim that I'll always stay here ... or that I'm definitively aiming to go anywhere else.

Since last year's theme was a big success, I thought that this year I would do the same thing, and dedicate this year to a theme (rather than a series of resolutions or goals).


2013 is the year of health and wellness.

I don't just mean the usual New Year's goals, like losing weight or exercising more - although I want to do those things. I want to achieve more whole body/mind health in the new year. Last year, I really let those things slide - what with moving, changing jobs, etc.

I know that if I make the typical New Year's attempt to turn everything around at once, I'm not going to create a sustainable change. So I'm going to take a series of steps.

Number one, to address the root of the problem, in January, I want to get control of my time.

Why start a year of health and wellness with time? Why not start with eating healthier or exercising? For me, using time well is the root of health. I'm simply not a happy person if I don't have time to do the things I love - like reading, writing, and walking. Over the last year, I've stopped doing these things on a regular basis as I've tried to figure out a schedule in my new job that works for me.

I'll fill you in on how it's going soon. Happy new year!

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Ren said...

Happy new year, Cat! Here's to health and wellness for 2013!