Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 Learn Go Do - May Reflection

Have I ever mentioned that I'm prone to freak accidents? Well... I am. There was the whole Drill Bit Incident of 2007, the Bathroom-door-handle Shenanigans of 2009. Good times. Good times.

So, last night, I was watching So You Think You Can Dance while sitting cross-legged on the couch. I was also on the computer. I got up to put the computer away and as I stepped down I realized my foot was totally asleep. I mean totally. It was as if toes had ceased to exist. You can imagine what happened. My foot rolled weirdly to the side, I threw my weight weirdly backward to avoid dropping the computer, and then felt the worst pain I'd ever felt, along the side of my foot. Much worse than having a drill bit jammed in your toe, let me tell you. You know how doctors say: on a scale of 1-10, how much does it hurt? I realized that the worst I'd ever felt before was probably a 5.

So now I'm RICE-ing (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation-ing) like a champ, but the real bummer is that in the month of May, I'd worked out 5 days a week every week! I had been so psyched that I'd met my goal (included in my 2011 Learn Go Do list, an ongoing list of goals). Even on vacation, I hiked and beach walked and continued my exercising.

Luckily, I think my ankle is not sprained, just badly bruised. I'm going to monitor it and see if I can do some light walking on Saturday (and Mom, if you're reading this, don't worry. I will NOT over-exert myself).

Here's the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, where my mom and I went hiking, pre-disaster.

And here's a really big pelican that Mom and I saw when we went walking on the beach.

As for the rest of my goals - well, I've been doing pretty well on my lace-knitting and sustainable-eating goals, because they are embedded in my daily habits. However, work has been killer lately, which means that almost everything else has gone by the wayside. Obviously, I haven't been blogging 3X a week, although I do have a lot to say! Look for more posts soon.

I do see the light at the end of the tunnel though. I'm looking forward to things slowing down a bit and doing some summertime re-direction of my life.

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