Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Learn Go Do - February Reflection

So, it's the last day of the month, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my 2011 Learn Go Do List (otherwise known as my New Year's goals). Click here for the entire list.


One of my goals was to learn how to knit lace. I am knitting a sweater that involves the "Gull Lace pattern", which looks like this:

I didn't knit that, though, because so far, I have started, and re-started, and re-started the lace portion. It's not that I don't know what to do - I know all the stitches, I just keep getting messed up. I am going to conquer the Gull Lace pattern! It will just take a little more concentration that knitting usually does for me.


One of my goals is to visit at least one new restaurant a month, because I've gotten into a rut of always going to the same favorite places. This month I tried two new places.

The first was Huynh, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant with lots of vegetarian options. I had rice vermicelli with chicken, which is what I always have when I go out for Vietnamese. A couple of friends had tofu dishes and said they were amazing.

The second place I tried was the Queen Vic, a British pub with lots of British-Indian fusion cuisine. They had a lot of small plates perfect for sharing. We tried a saag paneer pizza, some frites (delish!), some curried paneer, and veggie samosas. They had a nice drink menu, but I had hot tea and it came in the sweetest little individual pot.

Houstonites, I highly recommend both of these places.


I've been concentrating on my goal of increasing the amount of exercise I get. Originally, I had the goal of starting with three times a week, but I'm actually finding it easier to try to start a daily habit. Because I'm trying to get some exercise every day, I haven't really worked on having that exercise be very strenuous. I've been walking to places in my neighborhood, doing some yoga, and trying to do short lunchtime walks. The latter method has the added benefit of making me more productive in the afternoons.

Coming up:

In March, I'm going to Spain! I'm trying to brush up on some of the common Spanish phrases that a traveler needs. Most of my Spanish vocabulary has to do with teaching (from observing in bilingual classrooms) so I have a very strange mishmash of words at my disposal. Que palabra (what word? said while pointing to a child's paper) probably won't get me too far.


Unknown said...

Una servesa, por favor? That's the extent of my Spanish knowledge and I'm here to share :)

Catfish said...

Thanks, Fitz! That can be my lesson of the day!

Cristy said...

Donde esta la bana (pronounced banya)? Most important phrase, especially if you're drinking anything besides wine. :)

Catfish said...

Good call, @bigdog!