Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stuff a Stocking, Conserve Water

A couple of years ago, Santa gave my nephew a water bottle in his stocking. Way to go, Santa! It's a perfect little present. A cool water bottle promotes sustainability, yet doesn't annoy people in the same way that a gift to an eco-charity "in your name" would. (I mean, really, is there any body who would rather sponsor a mole rat than receive a present?)

But if you give a gift, give to charity, and make Matt Damon smile -- all at the same time -- you can give this water bottle from, the charity Matt promotes. These specially-designed bottles benefit projects to help bring clean water to people in developing countries. Aww. (Check out the website for adorable Matt hanging out with adorable children who need clean water).
But, if you want to put a little hipster cred in someone's stocking, check out this water bottle from The Onion store. It makes a statement by making you laugh, and that's the best kind of statement to make. Hmm. Maybe Matt Damon should take notes. Sincerity is so 2009, Matt!

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