Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On being light green

I am decidedly light green.

There are people who are dark green. They have given up paper and beauty products and deodorant. I am not one of those people.

Just to illustrate; it's December and I have the air conditioning on.

In November, I gave myself the goal of making all of my Christmas gifts for adults, or buying them from fair trade/artisan/or sustainable sources.

I've done fairly well, but the other day, I thought of a great gift to buy for a friend. And then I got all worked up because it wasn't a "green" gift.

But I have to remember that Christmas gifts are about making other people happy. They are about knowing someone really well and figuring out the exact thing they would like, and trying to make it happen (please forgive all the grammatical inconsistencies in that sentence). So I bought the gift.

Yes, the spirit of Christmas giving has gotten all wrapped up in weird consumerism and some national contest to get the best deal on a flat-screen TV. But at its heart, the spirit of Christmas is as green as the Douglas fir in your living room. It's about making little sacrifices for others. That's a pretty great, green thing to do, and it's a spirit we will need as the crisis of global warming grows (yes, Virginia, there is a global warming crisis).

And because the Muppets can illustrate a point much better than I can, I leave you with:

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