Saturday, December 4, 2010

Soy to the World

Because my home is very small and I have a little artificial table tree, one thing I miss about the holidays is the smell of pine wafting through the house. I use candles to simulate this scent, and also to add sparkle to the holiday.

All candles are not created equal however -- some are created from paraffin, and some from soy.

If you explore the interwebs, you'll find lots of people claiming that soy candles are healthier for you because they don't create soot, meaning that chemicals aren't spewing into the air of your home. Hogwash, I say. I have a soy candle right now that produces enough soot to blacken the faces of ten Victorian chimneysweeps.

There is an eco-benefit to soy wax candles, however. Paraffin is a derivative of crude oil -- therefore, non-renewable. Soy, however, is a renewable resource. Because, you know, it grows in the ground.

If you want your house to smell like a pine forest, I recommend the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Scented Soy Candle in Iowa Pine. It has a strong, tangy scent that is perfect for the holidays. (It's about $10; click here to find out where you can buy one in your area).

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Unknown said...

How'd you know I was looking for that very thing?! (seriously, I was). We have a fake tree and I really miss that pine smell. Was searching for a quality soy one. Yays!