Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have an owly Christmas!

Let's say you are sitting at home, thinking: Man, I want to have a greener Christmas that is all about love and not about disposability and consumerism. I don't want to fight the crowds. I wish I could create handmade gifts ... but I have the talent of a left-handed lemur when it comes to DIY!

Well, here's the project for you!

A friend who knows I have a teeny obsession with owl motifs sent me a link to My Owl Barn, where you can create and download a FREE CALENDAR with beautiful original owl artwork. And because you can print it however you like, you can use recycled paper, ribbon and anything else you like to make a cool, green version.

Also on the site was a link to a tutorial to make an owl Christmas ornament. It's extremely simple and would make a great gift for the office ornament exchange, stocking stuffer, or an activity for bored kids to do during the break!

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