Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pinot's Palette

Last week a friend asked me: Do you take advantage of the city you live in? The answer is an unequivocal YES! Living in the city means that art, music, and great food are just a stone's throw away. An added benefit? Folks who live in cities tend to have smaller environmental footprints than their suburban or rural peers.

The other day, my friend Katie and I took advantage of our city's offerings by attending a class at Pinot's Palette -- a fun BYOB where you can drink a glass of wine and create your own masterpiece painting. Artistic talent is unnecessary -- they walk you through step by step!

Katie and I at our easels. Most of the equipment was reusable, including the glasses they provided for our wine.


My work-in-progress. We used acrylic paints. While they are a petroleum product, they are generally thought to be safer on the environment than oils because they don't require paint thinner for clean-up.

Yay! They recycle. In Houston, this is never something you can take for granted, and I often find myself hauling home empty bottles and cans. It's great to find businesses that care.

Katie and I both had long, frustrating days, but as we painted away we relaxed. It's opportunities like this that make city-living the best.


Unknown said...

That looks like fun! Nice artwork, too. :) I'd love to find a class like that.

Darci said...

Seriously, that looks so fun! I think you need to post your finished product hanging on your wall. You are so talented!

Melanie said...

so bummed I missed it!

Catfish said...

It was really fun. But it did not involve talent at all! Right now it is on top of the microwave because I have all the major wall space used up right now. I'll have to think about where it can go.

Shelley said...