Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Buy ... or Not to Buy ...

Well, on the first of October, the answer will be ... not to buy!

It's No Buy Month again! Yaay!

In 2008 I experimented with No Buy Month in January -- a post-Christmas time of consumer celibacy in which I did not buy any non-consumables (food and entertainment were OK).

I liked it so much, that this year I started 2009 with a resolution to celebrate non-consumerism with No Buy Month every third month -- even though Obama probably wouldn't enjoy the way I'm refusing to support the economy.

Why do I like No Buy Month?

A few reasons ...

1. It increases intentionality. Living deliberately is a richer way of experiencing life, I find. I realize this is in opposition to the "Be Spontaneous" ethic. I often wish I was more spontaneous, but I tend to process slowly. I overthink. And for overthinkers, deliberation is enjoyable.

2. It calms life down. So, sometimes when I'm driving home and I feel a little restless, I think, I'm going to go to Target ... I spend money out of boredom. It's the American way! Michael Moore would probably back me up. I LIKE to buy stuff. Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-buy-stuff. I might wish I was. But I'm not. I just think I might be able to find better ways to use my time.

3. I save money, duh.

Do you want to have fun and not spend money? Do you want to participate in No Buy Month? Join in!

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