Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Easy, or: In Which Andy Gets His Promised Shout-Out

This is a blog about easy ways to be greener.

Lately, however, I haven't found it easy at all. In fact, just call me Catfish the Grouch. Notice that I haven't been blogging much lately. That's because I'm a little ball of negative energy. Maybe it started with the announcement that Canadian geese aren't migrating, because it never gets cold enough in Alaska to make all the effort of flying south worth it. Or maybe it was because my new office, despite being filled with socially-responsible types, has only plastic forks and cups and spoons, and not a re-usable towel in sight. Or maybe it's because my neighbors decided to throw away all the recycling that they've been saving, instead of simply waiting until Tuesday to put it on the curb.




To top it all off, my A/C is busted which just makes me cranky -- I know that using air conditioning is not green, but it's pretty necessary to make life in Houston bearable. We've been having a run of 90+ degree days.




It's time for an attitude adjustment. Or, as we said at the camp where I worked, whenever things went awry: "That's the best." So, I'm going to give props where props are due, and give Andy the shout-out he's been waiting for, in hopes that pondering his kindness will turn my frown upside down.

It all started last weekend, when my friends and I rented a beach house. We brought massive amounts of food and beverages, and had a grand ol' time. There was, however, no recycling available at the beach.

"What should we do with all of the bottles and cans?" someone asked. (In case you were wondering, they were milk bottles and soda cans, obviously). "Should we try to recycle them?"

Now, I know I should have jumped up and revealed the big "S" on my chest for Super-Recycler, but I just didn't see myself having time the following week to make it to the recycling center. To top it all off, someone said, "You're the green blogger. Shouldn't you take it?"

I am a contrary Mary, if there ever was one, and that is the sort of statement that makes me want to scream NO! It's a character flaw, I know, but it's my character flaw.

That's when Andy got all gallant and noble and said, "I WILL TAKE THE RECYCLING."

And I admit I was relieved. Because, yes, I am the green blogger.

But did I mention that I am cranky?




Andy turned to me and said, "I better get a shout-out on the blog." He was kidding, but he does deserve a shout-out, because really, this whole green living thing isn't going to work if every person has to go it alone. Sometimes, when we get green burn-out, someone else has to take the recycling.

But I promise, I'm working on my attitude. No-Buy Month is coming up -- woohoo! -- and maybe some of you will want to join me in eschewing non-consumables for 30 days. Sounds depressing, I know, but actually, it's a spirit lifter.

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