Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No-Buy Month - How's it going?

Sorry, I have been a bad blogger. Work has been crazy, blah, blah ... there's really no good excuse. But work has been crazy.

I'm currently ensconced in another hotel room, and have to do some work before bed (and I just learned that American Idol has become a crazy train ... Quentin Tarantino? "Falling Slowly" is an obscure song? That skinny girl with elbows at the judging table? See, staying in a hotel room can be a bit shocking sometimes.)

I wanted to take a moment, though, to update on how No-Buy Month is going. I've done well, though I did go out to the bar Friday night. And I'm psyched to see that now 30% of the loyal readership is involved in No-Buy Month.

Keep it up, and leave a comment below to let me know how it's going for you.

And just because it's been a while, here's a Cute Cat Picture for you:

Coming up: I promise to be better about posting, and I've got some recycling stuff to share, along with my thoughts on the Fox network's green promotion. Because I know you've been thinking ... I wonder what Catfish thinks about that?


Tori said...

So far so pants aren't drooping too badly.
Honestly, I've been a bit too busy/broke to buy much, so it's been a good thing.

Melanie said...

I have been very tempted to buy new clothes too, but I have held firm! My hair dryer died, so I had to get a new one...but I feel like that doesn't count - it was a must have. And even if it does, I'm still proud of myself.

sarah said...

I didn't know it was an official no-buy month, but I've kind of had my own, I did not do so well, I ran into an art and drafting supply clearance at office depot, sketchbooks were $1.00 and pencils $.50, I couldn't resit. What do you do when that happens!!?

Catfish said...

Awesome, everyone! I am going to have to cheat and buy some more yarn -- I thought I had enough for the month, but I didn't. It's all about consciousness however,of how you're spending money. I did manage to resist spending money on magazines at the airport, and I was pretty proud of that. Magazines are my biggest weakness, and a totally unnecessary use of paper in the internet age.