Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Year of More

I've been reflecting on what I want for the year ahead, like most people. 2013 ended on a bit of a rough note for my extended family (or a few rough notes) and so I wasn't digging the idea of imposing upon myself extra rigor, abstinence or challenge. Seems like life serves those things up unasked.

Originally, I was considering that this might be the "year of re-commitment" - to many of the principles that I've espoused on this blog. I've gotten a little sloppy in some of my green practices over the past year as I've been incredibly busy. 

Frankly, "the year of re-commitment" just didn't sound that inspiring to me.

As I thought more about what I wanted the year to be like, I thought about the things I really want to commit myself to: things that make me happy like cooking, writing, and being outside. Unlike most resolutions, these wouldn't be taking fun out of life, but adding it. I thought about the "year of abundance", but that reminds me too much of those churches that say you'll make more money if you pray about it.

So I settled on "the year of more." 

I want to focus on three things to start:

  • more writing time
  • more whole foods (not Whole Foods)
  • more outside time

I think these things will have positive side effects on my health and well-being, but that's not my main focus currently. Really, I'm just trying to enjoy life more (see what I did there?)

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Anonymous said...

Here's to your year of MORE!

Wishing you bright and happy blessings for 2014!