Sunday, June 23, 2013

Farmhouse Tour: The Office

I've shown very few pics of the inside of the "Farmhouse" - mostly because I haven't felt like the inside of the house was "finished" enough to share. However, I've been here almost a year and just signed my lease for another year (yipee!) and so I thought it was about time.

I truly believe that having a nice space - not fancy or expensive - but just right for you, can bring a lot of peace and calm into your life. It's important to me that my home is a place where I really want to be day in and day out. 

There are still a few things I want to do - right now there are no rugs anywhere, and all of the windows have those crappy three-dollar shades that every rental has. However, those are small things compared to the state that it was in when I first moved in.

I first wanted to share: The Office!

Part of the reason I originally began looking for a new place was that my beloved-yet-janky one bedroom garage apartment didn't have enough space for me to have an office/place to do crafts. I occasionally sew, and my two-foot by two-foot eating table just wasn't conducive to cutting fabric or setting up a sewing machine. However, what my garage apartment did have was lots and lots of built-in storage, so when I moved I realized - despite a great deal of library downsizing -- that I didn't have a place for all of my books.

Over the months, I've worked to purchase enough storage to accommodate all of the books, comic books, notebooks, knitting magazines, etc. that I just couldn't part with. Last night, in a flurry of industry, I finally brought it all together. So the last room to be assembled will be the first I show you.

The desk area. I got the desk from World Market, and the drawers were salvaged from my old office when we moved into a new space. I got a big table-like desk so that I can set up the sewing machine as needed. I definitely need a new chair - will have to hit the thrift stores.

Wily likes the new desk too - it's right next to the window so he can look at all the squirrels and birds.

This little contraption on the closet door is because Wily's litter box is in the closet. I tied a ribbon around the doorknobs, so Wily can get in to use the facilities, but the door isn't wide open all the time.

I've been trying to find a litterbox that isn't too messy, and finally settled on the Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box - it has a tiny kitty stairway that leads into the litterbox. This helps contain the litter somewhat, despite being a little ridiculous.

This corner was the last to be figured out. I needed a small cabinet, but discovered that any kind of furniture with doors and drawers is mega expensive. I got this little guy from Joss and Main and it was reasonably priced. (Joss and Main is a flash sale site and they have lots of farmy-type furniture. While many flash sale sites get negative customer complaints, the two that I use most often - and Joss and Main -- have been fast, friendly, and easy to use. This cabinet came two days after I ordered it!) I don't really like those anchors as door pulls so I'll change those out at some point.

I wish that more of the furniture could have been recycled, but I ended up having to buy some new things, like the desk. I got two of these bookshelves from Target, and they were really easy to set up because they just unfold.

I painted the room myself - it was a grimy white. This color is called "Belle Grove Victory Blue" and it's from Lowe's. The walls had a bumpy texture that made it hard to paint - especially around the edges. If you ever visit me - don't look too closely!

One thing I did reuse? Two old bulletin boards I've had since I was a teenager. I just covered them with some craft paper that I had in the craft drawer. Over time I'll add more photos and mementoes. And yes, that's my camp patch from 1987.
This collection of folk art crosses is one of my favorite parts of my decor.  I've collected them over the years at various antique shops and markets. Some have come from friends as well. The little skelly was knitted by me.
This bookshelf was reused - some friends gave it to me when they moved away.

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