Sunday, March 10, 2013

Get thee behind me, pizza!

Is it March already?
Not only is it March, but we're well into March. The kiddos here in Houston are on their spring break, the flowers are starting to bloom, and I've been able to sit outside on some glorious spring days. 

However, I didn't really do too well on my February plan to taking control of what I eat and drink, as part of making 2013 The Year of Health and Wellness. My plan was:
  • To use an online tool to track what I eat and drink
  • Drink only one caloric beverage a day 
  • Eat lunch out only on Fridays, and stick to salads and soups when I do so.
  • Plan my meals for the week each Sunday and shop accordingly.

I have rooted out a big culprit in eating unhealthy: my office is always full of food. We host lots of meetings for board members, guests visiting from other teams, our teachers. Every time we do so, we order food, and then the leftovers are put out on the counter for anyone to share.

So while I've been planning my meals and cooking healthy, I've also been eating lots of junk food at work.

In March, my plan is to stick to the four bulleted rules above, and to add one more:
  • Don't eat food at work unless it's part of the weekly meal plan (or the occasional cookie - but ONLY ONE, and only if it's a kind I actually like.)
Sometimes we have team lunches and I'll know ahead of time, so I can plan for it. I'm not going to give up those, because I consider them an important part of our team culture. However, I am going to forego the leftover pizza, chips and dips, bagels, etc. I bring healthy snacks each day, but sometimes they go uneatedn. So I'm going to eat those instead of eating leftovers.

So, spring, let's see what you've got for me.

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