Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Garden Adventure... when will it get started?

Oh gosh, getting started on my garden has been very challenging.

The raised-bed, pre-repair.
I moved into my house (lovingly called "The Farm" by my friends) with the distinct purpose of having a garden and chickens. There were two raised beds on the property that needed to be repaired.

My landlord said that he would buy me some dirt -- which he did. I came home one day to find a HUGE mountain of a compost/mulch mix. My friend laughed because she was sure it was just a pile of bark.

After a I got in touch with the landlord and he confirmed that a) one could plant in it; and b) how to plant in it; there came the need to repair the beds and move the compost.

I tried to repair the beds myself - nope, it was a two-person job. My friend Kelly came over and helped me do the repairs. 

THen came moving the dirt. I did some of it myself, but the lawn guy was coming the next day, so I called him to see if he could fill the beds.

He was game. The next day, I came home and found two giant boobs in my backyard.

Yes, he filled the beds, but then moved the rest of the dirt into them, creating two mountains instead of one.

My neighbor asked if she could have some of the dirt, so she took some.

I now have one bed that's ready to go, and one that will be soon. I hope. Luckily, you can plant year-round in Houston, but time keeps ticking away, which means that there will be fewer things that I can plant this year.


There's a garden in my future. I just know it.


Ren said...

Fun garden adventures already and more to come, I'm sure :) Looking forward to developments at The Farm :)

Ifbyyes said...

Ooh, my friend The Farm Fairy over at would be jealous. So am I, for that matter. I want chickens!

Actually, I want a goat.

And chickens.

Can I live with you?

Catfish said...

Thanks, friends! You can all come and live with me! You might need to sleep on the porch...

I would love a goat someday. But I think chickens will be a good first step.