Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just some randomness...

I love my new house. I love it that I have a full-size kitchen and a utility room. I love that I can go out and collect flowers from the rose bush and the crepe myrtle and the butterfly bushes. Wily (my cat) loves it too. Having more space (and a yard FULL of birds to stare at through the windows) has reinvigorated him. He races around the house like a kitten.

My new home also has what I would call "REAL" recycling - i.e., I can recycle glass. For some reason, in downtown Houston, you can't recycle glass in your curbside bin. You have to take it to the recycling center. But at my new house we have full-size wheelie bins for recycling, which is great, because I recycle more than I throw away.

I would throw away almost nothing if I got into composting. There's a place in the backyard that's all set up to start, but I'm waiting until it cools off to get the outside of the house settled.

Also, I have to get the inside of the house put together. I can totally see how people move and then look around nine months later and they still have boxes... but I've made some progress. I have a dining table and chairs, and a desk (it's in a box right now), and a bookshelf is on the way. I really need to hang my art - that will make things start to feel like home.

I didn't do much around the house this weekend, though, because I was seeing friends and working on a skirt that I've been sewing all summer. My goal is to wear it on Friday. That means I have to have it done by Thursday. It's actually not a difficult project, but I was silly and started it right before the move.

I haven't been watching much of the Olympics. I hold the (very unpopular) belief that sports serve a sociological function of priming us for war - as  wikipedia puts it, it's a "symbolic competition between nations." Don't believe me? Here's an article for you.  I used to root for Russia (then the USSR) because my great grandmother immigrated from there. Other kids didn't appreciate that. Which sort of proves my point.

But it is kind of cool that Guatemala (where my great-grandfather hailed from - sort of; it's a long story) won it's first medal EVER this week. So? I'm a hypocrite. We all are sometimes.

And it was in racewalking. Hello?! Awesome.

Last night my friend Katie and I watched a movie called Take This Waltz. It's available on demand and is also playing in theaters. We ended up being really glad that we only paid $8 to watch it on demand, instead of driving downtown and each paying $10, plus money for food and parking and what not -- because we DID NOT enjoy the movie. It looked so promising - forbidden romance, Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, Canada. Neither of us could really relate to any of the characters, though, and so we didn't care what happened, which wasn't interesting anyway. It's gotten a lot of good reviews, so I don't know ... maybe we didn't get it. But I think we did.

And just because you need to see this, here is a baby wombat:

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