Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Good Friend in Dirty Times

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When my sister was visiting a few weeks ago, she looked in my shower and said, "Ew."

"It's just old," I said.

I DO clean my shower. No worries there. But her remark got me wondering if I could make it a little brighter in a green way.

I usually use baking soda to scour, but obviously that wasn't cutting it, so I thought I'd look for something else. In the Whole Foods cleaning aisle, the choice was clear: Bon Ami powder cleanser for $1.50 or the fancy brand for $5.

I've been reading about Bon Ami on green blogs for years, but until I realized that I needed more than baking soda, I hadn't tried it out. Bon Ami (which means "good friend" in French) has been around for over 120 years -- and its formula has remained similar throughout that time.

Bon Ami is made from feldspar, limestone, baking soda, some corn/coconut-based cleaning agents, and a few other (biodegradable) ingredients. Originally, the feldspar was recycled from quartz mining operations.

Bon Ami is also a favorite of people who are chemically-sensitive. Because of its simple formula, it doesn't impact them the way most modern cleaners do.

So, the price is right, its impact is right ... but can it clean?

The answer is - YES! Of course, it didn't turn my old shower new again, but the tub is now whiter than it's ever been.

A good old friend, indeed.

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Ren said...

oooh! another excellent top tip - i shall give this a whirl. thanks, cat :)

hope you are keeping happy and well.