Sunday, January 22, 2012

Waste not, want not - Household Tip

Ugh. Sometimes when I see the words "tomato paste" in a recipe, I definitely get annoyed. Recipes always seem to call for amounts like 2 tbsp. and then you're left with half a can that you put in the fridge, thinking: I'll use that next week, and then 6 months later when you clean the fridge you're wondering what sort of fuzz has been given life in the old can.

Some companies are now packaging tomato paste in tubes. This is a good idea, but:
a) many stores don't carry them
b) tubes are usually not recyclable, containing a mix of polyethylene and aluminum.

So, instead of wasting paste from a can or buying a tube, I just freeze any unused paste in an ice cube tray, and bust out a cube or two when I need some.

If you try this yourself: be forewarned that the paste doesn't get the consistency of ice -- it will remain sort of soft even when frozen.

When you want the paste, just microwave it or put it in a glass and put the glass in some warm water to soften the paste.

Do you have any great household tips to reduce waste?

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