Sunday, December 11, 2011

One Bag: Eco-Gift Idea #1 ... Foodie!

My good friend Kelly has a tradition that she calls the "Basket (or Bag, depending upon the case) of Crap." I'm not exactly why she calls it this, but basically the Bag of Crap is a gift you want to get. It's a lot like Oprah's favorite things, without the screaming suburban moms.

Basically, Kelly saves up her favorite items when she can get them on sale throughout the year, and then fills a bag (or basket) with them for holiday gifts. She also looks for little items that she knows certain friends will like.

When I saw these very cute (one might even say adorable) holiday bags at Whole Foods, I started thinking about how these would be the perfect vessel for a bag full of small eco-treasures - kind of like the Bag of Crap.

Don't worry if you're not ahead of the game like Kelly, and haven't started stocking up. This week, I'm going to feature some ideas for eco-themed ways you could turn said bag into a treasure trove for friends. I'm also going to feature items that are available in commonly-found stores - so you won't have to stress if you want to try one of these out. Because what's the point of a gift guide if you can't find any of the featured gifts?

Bag #1: The Foodie Bag
Ideas for that environmentally-conscious gourmand in your life.

O Organics Hot Cocoa Mix
Price not available
This cocoa is so delicious, it's easy to forget it's not a pricier brand

Charity Mug (NRDC Design)
Available at West Elm
Fifty percent of the price of the West Elm Charity mugs go to great organizations like the NRDC and Teach For America!

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate (Peanut and Sea Salt shown)
available at Target and Whole Foods
Around $3.99
These organic, fair-trade chocolates are absolutely delectable.
Peanut and Sea Salt is my no-holds-barred fave, but they also offer yummy flavors such as Hazelnut and Currant, Toffee, and Ginger.

Bamboo Cooking Tools (Rachael Ray set shown)
Available at a variety of cooking stores and at Target
Sets by different brands range from $8-$30
Bamboo is a renewable resource, and when I'm in the kitchen, I always find my wooden tools get more use than anything more "modern."

Spiced Cashews
Click here and scroll down for the recipe.
I make these treats every year. They're always a hit, but you might want to make a few extras for yourself!

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