Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Musical Bonus: Interfaith Holiday Fun!

So, yesterday I featured three songs about the Christmas story, so I wanted to share the love with my folks who jam for Hanukkah or Yule, or like their Christmas secular.

For Hanukkah
Miracle: by Matisyahu
I LOVE THIS SONG. When it comes on my iPod in the middle of the summer, I let it play. If you're not familiar with Matisyahu, he's the world's most famous Hasidic reggae star. And I mean that completely seriously. I especially like this lyric:
"Eight is the number of infinity; one more than what you know how to be
And this is the light of festivity, when your broken heart yearns to be free."

For Yule
The Christians and The Pagans: by Dar Williams
A young pagan woman visits her Christian relatives over the holidays. Cross-cultural sharing ensues. This is a story song, and it's full of warmth and humor, and the truth that the holidays bring families together, even if they know those days by different names.

For your secular celebration
Christmas in Hollis: by Run-DMC
It's a hip-hop holiday classic.

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