Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interweb Round-up: Menagerie Edition!

This photo* is of a black rhino in South Africa being airlifted to a poacher-free life. There are only 5,000 black rhinos left in Africa, and poachers kill them because their horns are ground into a powder and sold as possessing healing powers.

Apparently, this is the safest and easiest way for rhinos to travel! It's estimated that up to 400 rhinos will be killed this year, but the South African government has managed to fly 120 to safety. Slow but steady progress is being made.

Owl Lover 2012 CalendarOWLS!

I love owls, as you might know.

That's why I love the FREE MAKE MY OWN OWL CALENDAR!!! It's over at My Owl Barn, a blog that I love because it is all about owls.

The calendar is customizable, downloadable, and filled with beautiful artwork of -- yes, owls.

I've already printed mine, and I'm hoping to put it together over the Thanksgiving holiday. When I do, I'll of course post some pics of how I decided to make it. Just click the picture to get your own!


This is my cat, Wily, and this is what he looks like when I'm packing my suitcase.

He doesn't like me to leave, so I'm happy to be staying home for a few weeks. I'm also happy because it will allow me to complete some home organizing, which I will tell you about soon.

As I've organized, I've learned some things about what you can recycle and what you can't.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner for us Americans (holla! to my Canadians and friends around the globe!). It's a little weird that we celebrate our gratefulness with a whole bunch of consuming. And of course there's that really weird "holiday" called Black Friday (which you can protest by taking part in Buy Nothing Day).

But if you want a little greener Thanksgiving, here are a couple of articles on cutting down the excess:
NPR reminds us that we should eschew the paper plates, among other tips. Eco-fabulous has some ideas on greening your meal, as well as some ideas for gifts for your eco-fantastic host or hostess.

*Photo courtesy of Zoe.

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