Monday, September 19, 2011

Everything's Perfect

I like simple things that do perfectly whatever they are designed to do.

Let's take scissors as an example.

Scissors are my sonic screwdriver. In my house, car, and office, it's rare that I won't have scissors to hand. Scissors in my glove compartment? Check! I need scissors for when Starbucks runs out of the small straws so I can cut the large ones down. Scissors next to the bed? Yes! When I'm knitting I need them to snip some yarn. Scissors in the bathroom? OK! Sometimes a wayward thread needs to be clipped from a sleeve.

Scissors. Small. Inexpensive. Perfect.

A few other little things make my list of perfect inventions: the 2 oz. angled measuring cup, tape, measuring prep bowls. Bobby pins have been climbing the ranks these days.

Add to that list: Everything Clips. My mom got me some for Christmas, and I think that everyone who is trying to be greener should have some on hand, because they make many other products unnecessary, thereby reducing consumption. They can also replace a lot of non-permanent adhesives. Everything Clips are sturdy clips that can clip all kinds of things, and they're good for big or small jobs.

For example, you open a bag. Then you want it closed. Of course, they have special "Chip Clips" for that, but why do you need a special item for that one task of closing a chip bag? And the Chip Clip is too big for closing smaller things. Then people buy small Chip Clips. Instead, Everything Clip can do the job.

Or, let's say you need a clipboard. But you don't have one. So you look in your backpack - and you have the piece of cardboard from the front of a crossword puzzle book, and an Everything Clip. Voila! They become a clipboard... and yes, of course that happened to me.

An Everything Clip can even hold back your hair when you're trying to create a style with your bobby pins.

I know, they might seem just like other clips (paper, binder, hair, Chip) but Everything Clips are all those clips rolled into one.

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