Friday, August 5, 2011

2011 Learn Go Do - July Reflection

Yeah, yeah... I know. It's not July anymore. And I also know that I skipped this little reflection for June. Let's just say that for a couple of months, intentionality has gone out the window. It's been a combination of work travel, sprained foot, more travel, and 90 degree heat. But I have a big plan to get back on the 2011 Intentions horse in August.

Here's the plan:
do stuff on the list.

OK, now, I did, by happenstance complete a couple of things on the list, but I can't say I did it very intentionally. Here's a rundown:

I did not learn anything.

  • I had a goal to go to three American cities I'd never visited before. In July I hit two - Philadelphia and Minneapolis. I wish I had more time to explore, but I found both of them charming. And yes, Minnesota has a whole bunch of lakes.
  • I also had a goal to try a new restaurant in Houston each month. My friend Amanda is really great at finding coupons, and she had a coupon to Shade. The restaurant was in Houston's Heights neighborhood, and I almost missed the small storefront. Inside, however, there was a long, narrow dining room. It was modern but casual. I had a great fish dish with sweat pea risotto. Their menu is heavy on the proteins, but Amanda, who's a vegetarian, found some great options. Neither of us had the vegetable plate, but it sounded amazing.
I did not do anything.

And that's a wrap! Coming up: the July Pop Culture Round-up!

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