Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Favorite Gadget!

This looks:
a) slightly obscene,
b) like a medical device, or
c) all of the above

The answer is ...

d) none of the above!

Before I met the Kitchen Spritzer, I thought my favorite kitchen gizmo was my 2 oz. angled measuring cup. And I still love you, 2-oz Angled Measuring Cup.

I just might love the Kitchen Spritzer more.

You see, there's nothing easier than using olive oil spray (PAM, or the equivalent) while cooking. Cooking-oil-in-a-spray-can is one of man's great inventions, along with fire, TV, and electric kettles. It's just ... wasteful.

That's where the Kitchen Spritzer comes in. It's a re-usable gadget that you can fill with the oil of your choice (olive, canola, sunflower, grapeseed, sesame ...), and then spritz to your heart's content! Just like the kind you buy at the store, only

a) real oil has calories and fat. Sorry, kids. Because it's natural.
b) you're not creating a bunch of garbage.

And that is A-Ok! (If this was an ad, a little twinkle would have just shimmered off my incisors)


Kelly said...

I love the spritzer! Such a useful gadget to have.

Anonymous said...

My mother had one of these, or a version of it. Very handy!

Anonymous said...

I have something similar that I have to pump air into. It's economical and ecological but a bit of a pain to get it to work. how well does the spritzer work? Maybe I should replace mine.

Catfish said...

@Sharyn, you do have to pump air into it, but it only takes about 5 pumps and it works really well.