Sunday, May 8, 2011

For the Mamas

Love you all! I'm allergic to sappiness, so I thought I would just share a couple photos of some of the mamas in my family:

Here's me (yes, I'm the baby). My mom, Frances; grandma Eleanor; and great-grandma Amelia are with me. All of the women in my family did amazing things - great-grandma (Nanny) escaped Russia during the revolution to start a new life in the new world (Northern California, then Guatemala). My grandmother (Grammy) married her childhood sweetheart and raised four kids while he was getting his Ph.D. My mom (Mom) left the comfort of Southern California for the wilds of North Idaho and a rural life that sometimes included melting snow so we could have water when the electricity went out.

My grandma Florence, far right. She raised EIGHT KIDS (seven were boys!). Throughout her life, her faith in God was the sustaining force that got her through poverty, grief at the loss of several children, and a changing world.

My sister, with her husband and my nephew Henry. Our parents raised us both to be activist-types, and my sister got her master's in social work while being a mom and working full time. She now helps protect other people's children.

I'm so lucky for all of the amazing moms in my life.

Dingle, Sturjen, Krypto, Caits, Connie, Kelly, Sara G., Sarah S., Elizabeth A., and my many internet friends - this is for you too! Much love and blessings. I'm so glad that you are raising such amazing little people.

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Anonymous said...

I love looking at old family photos. Thanks for sharing!